Package Biofilter (cartridge included) + Biodynamizer
3,480.00 € 3,480.00 € 3480.0 EUR
(VAT Excl)
Filtration + dynamization + treatment of Limestone for the whole house
Best Seller
Filter cartridge of the Biofilter
190.00 € 190.00 € 190.0 EUR
(VAT Excl)
High performance filtration catridge with activated carbon mixed with a porous Aqualen® fiber which contains ionized silver.
2,990.00 € 2,990.00 € 2990.0 EUR
(VAT Excl)
Whole house water dynamizer
Biofilter (cartridge included)
490.00 € 490.00 € 490.0 EUR
(VAT Excl)
High performance filtration
790.00 € 790.00 € 790.0 EUR
(VAT Excl)
Additional limestone treatment device for very hard water (over 40 ° f, French degrees).
The Biolimescaler is a complementary device to the Biodynamizer which amplifies the treatment of limestone. It does not remove the limestone but transforms it from calcite to aragonite, a friable white powder that becomes less embedded in the sanitary pipes and avoids clogging them.
Replacement of the cartridge by our installer (in Belgium only)
95.00 € 95.00 € 95.0 EUR
(VAT Excl)
Installation of the product, if selected by a customer during order checkout
US Fittings
44.00 € 44.00 € 44.0 EUR
(VAT Excl)
EU-US/UK fittings adapters to connect the Biodynamizer to the US or UK sanitary pipes (price for the package of 2 fittings for the Biodynamizer)